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A Warm Hello

Greetings, dear friends and readers.  It is with great humility, thankfulness, and happiness that I write to you at long last.  The past few years have brought many challenges to us all, I am sure.  For me, my absence from this world of writing has been fraught with additional heart surgeries, redefining my career as an educator overnight from home with little to no resources initially, and fighting through depression in the wake of the multiple heart procedures I underwent.  I never thought that depression would be something I would battle, but I have come to learn that many heart patients have to work their way through this and accept their new ‘normal’ after doctors have worked all the magic they know to do with procedures and medications currently available.  To trust that their heart will continue to beat and that there is still much to accomplish, though some days you might have to take two steps back for every step you take forward.  Such has been the case for me, and I am finally at peace with navigating my ‘normal’ and accepting what I can physically do now.  I have learned that it is quite all right to walk sometimes, instead of run.

Through everything, Will has remained my steadfast supporter and truest friend, helping me navigate the changing landscape in my body and in my career.  We have joined our local Y, and both dedicated the time and effort needed to strengthen our bodies as much as we can to be prepared for whatever health challenges come our way.  This physical outlet has helped greatly in reclaiming my hope and optimism too, and I cannot thank him enough for working out alongside me and cheering me on as we both grew stronger, both outside and within.

At the beginning of this year, I began re-reading my previous Nephilim stories and what I had written for the start of Book 9 before I had to lay it all down and try to fight my way back to myself.  With each chapter I reviewed, I felt my voice returning and a lightness coming back to my soul that hasn’t been there for many, many months.  I can finally say, after endless prayers and private pleas to the Lord to help restore my confidence in myself as a writer, that the words are indeed flowing.  New chapters are coming, and I feel as though I can breathe once again in a way I haven’t in quite some time.  From the depths of utter self-doubt and sadness, hope has welled up in me again and I am giving it all the free rein I can.

I know now that I cannot work all day and write all night as I did before – my body simply won’t allow for that.  I am learning a new balance, to incorporate career, exercise, and writing, and it is working.  My goal is to finish writing Book 9 by the end of my school system’s summer break, edit during the fall, and have it ready for everyone in time for Christmas.

Will has shared many of your encouraging posts and prayerful messages over the months I’ve been away.  Truly, I haven’t felt emotionally strong enough to describe how I couldn’t find my writer’s voice or why the words weren’t coming anymore.  Some days, I felt nothing but shame when I would stare at a blinking cursor and not have one word to add to my next sentence.  But through faith, unending prayer, and the steadfast devotion of my husband, I am now closer to who I want to be as a person and writer than I have been in several years.  I am very thankful to be here yet another day, and to contribute with the gifts and talents that God has blessed me with.  I am most glad to be of service, for it is through Him that all things are possible, for me and for us all.

I will post again as I make progress through this summer and into the editing process.  Please keep us in your prayers, as so many of you have.  And thank you for forgiving me for losing myself a bit as I struggled to accept my new ‘normal.’ 




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Announcing: The Choice To Be Free – Children of Angels #8

thechoicetobefree_600x400Greetings, Friends and Readers! Today is a happy day for me and I hope for all of you because I have the great pleasure of announcing the release date for Book 8 in the Children of Angels series. The Choice To Be Free will be released Tuesday, December 27th, 2016. The ebook is available now for pre-order from all of the major retailers. For your convenience we have quick links in the listing under BOOKS above.

I was concerned that I wouldn’t get this one out to you before the new year due to an ongoing heart issue. I’m scheduled for a second surgery soon and I hope that will resolve things, but it may hinder me some in getting the next book out as soon as I hope to as well. I have been told that people can’t pray for you if they don’t know of the need, so I thought it was a good time to let you know that your prayers ahead of this next surgery are welcomed. As always, I simply love hearing from and talking to my readers about the stories and characters. So I hope to hear from you as you read this next adventure for Alex and her loved ones. Thank you all for your continued support and love of the novels.
God Bless,


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Children of Angels – Book #7 Is LIVE!

I am so very excited to announce that The Choice To Overcomethe seventh book in the Children of Angels series is now live and available on all e-book platforms.  I hope you will enjoy reading about all of your favorite characters as well as some new ones.  I look forward to your feedback.  Happy Reading!

Click HERE for the BOOKS page where you’ll find direct links to Amazon and other fine e-book retailers. If you haven’t yet begun the series, you can get the first e-book for FREE on this page.


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The Augusta Literary Festival was amazing and so much fun this year. #CR4U

I reconnected with some Clean Indie Reads group authors as well as others from the Central Savannah River Area and beyond.  I’m excited to say that many people purchased complete sets of the first 5 books in the Children of Angels series and I’m looking forward to hearing from them as they discover the world of the Nephilim.  Special thanks to long-time fan dear friend Faith McCoy for coming out and supporting us during the festival and as always many thanks to my hubby Will for helping make it all come together for me.  I’d also be remiss to not thank Cheryl Corbin and everyone involved with the ALF for all of their hard work in making the festival a success.


Clean Indie Reads members Tianna Holley, myself & Charmain Zimmerman Brackett at the 2015 Augusta Literary Festival (ALF).

I also revealed the newly redesigned Perry Elizabeth cover for book 1 in the series.  This new cover should go live sometime this week.

Ariannas Choice-sm

So many people indicated that they loved the new cover and it helps me to overcome the bittersweet feeling I have about moving away from my initial cover featuring photography by Michael Drummond.  I have enjoyed his photography so much as I began this journey that I will be ordering one final set of the original covers to keep on my shelf.  The original covers will always be on the website as well because they hold a special place in my heart.

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Tybee Island Book Festival #CR4U

Tybee Island Book Festival

Tybee Island Book Festival

I just submitted a copy of Immortal Reborn: Arianna’s Choice to the Tybee Island Book Festival.  Click the image above for more information about the festival.  I am currently planning to attend, hope to see you there!


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Local Author Event, Oct 4th & More

Come on out to the Columbia County Public Library in Evans this Saturday, October 4th.  I’ll be there from 11AM until 4PM for a local author event.  If you have print copies you would like me to sign, I’ll be happy to do so and I will have a few copies of books 1, 2 & 3 (and hopefully 4) for sale there as well.

This past week, Book 1 has been #1 in the FREE list on Amazon Christian Fantasy.  Books 2 & 3 have been as high as #2 and #3 respectively in the paid list of Christian Fantasy.  I’m also happy to say that Book 4 has been #1 on the Hot New Releases in Christian Fantasy.  It has also made it into the top 100 in paid Christian Fantasy as well.  I’m thankful for your support and hope you will continue to help me with word-of-mouth promotion.  These mean so much to me!

For those who were so patient for Book 4 to drop, I have good news.  I hope to get pre-orders set up for Book 5 e-book version very soon.  Book 4 was my ‘problem child’, but now that I’ve gotten it out, others will hopefully be released in a much more timely fashion.

Happy Reading!




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Children of Angels, Book 4 is HERE! #CR4U

After a LONG wait, (trust me, Will and I have been busy trying to bring you the best book possible), Children of Angels, Book 4, CHOICES IN BLOOM is finally available in PRINT.  It’s not showing up through regular search methods yet, but you may get it from Amazon here.

You may also get it, just like the other books from my Createspace store with a 25% off coupon code.  See BOOKS above and scroll down for the purchase link(s) as well as the discount code.  (Same code for all books).

In other exciting news about print versions, we have done some minor editing and revision to the first 2 books as well as a reformat of the first 3 books to bring the print price down slightly.  Cratespace store discount codes are now 25% off the NEW LOWER PRICES!

UPDATE 1: The Kindle Version is now available on Amazon.  All of the links and connections are not squared away yet, but you can find it by searching, or from the BOOKS link above.

Otherwise, the e-book is only available through Smashwords at the moment, but we expect it to begin showing up on other e-book stores VERY SOON.

Stay Tuned For Updates!!!

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Hear me talking about my books on the Indie Books Show on Friday June 27th

After nine months, I am finally going to be the guest author on Will’s Indie Books Show on BlogTalkRadio tomorrow.  I hope you will listen at 11 AM Eastern, or listen later from the archives.  It’s also available as an iTunes podcast as are all of Will’s past shows.



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Reading Rainbow Kickstarter

A couple of days ago, my husband showed me an article about how LeVar Burton was using KickStarter to try to bring Reading Rainbow back for every child, everywhere.  This KickStarter has a goal of developing an online platform for accessing Reading Rainbow content everywhere and providing it for free to disadvantaged schools.  I am so excited about this campaign.  As an elementary school librarian and media specialist, this is great news.  But it’s just as great for all writers and authors.  You see, if we are to have an audience for our writing, it seems to me that we need to foster the love of reading in all children for they are, or will be, our current or future audience.  As a teacher, librarian and an author, I encourage you to consider lending your support to this KickStarter campaign.



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The Book Maven Review: Immortal Reborn: Arianna’s Choice by Natalie D. Wilson

I’ve been so busy with writing, I totally forgot and missed posting about this review when it first came out.

Review: Immortal Reborn: Arianna’s Choice by Natalie D. Wilson.

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