Health Update & Thank You!

Hello and greetings, dear friends and readers.  It has been many, many months since I’ve ventured into the online world to touch base, but I am happy to say that the time felt right at last – both from a writer’s point of view and because I can impart positive health news.  First, let me share the good health news, because quite a few people have asked how I’m feeling and how are things on that front.

As many of you know, I took a break almost a year ago from writing and editing because I was facing a much more extensive surgical procedure to correct a heart condition I battled, after the first two surgeries I’d had proved unsuccessful.  Will and I traveled to Charleston last October and placed our faith in the hands of a uniquely skilled surgeon, who did indeed find areas within my heart which he then addressed during the procedure.  After six hours, the surgery seemed to be a promising success, but it was over two months later before I finally began to see a significant improvement in my day-to-day heart function and health.  During the last year, Will and I have also drastically changed our eating habits and exercise routine, and we’re much healthier today than we were at the start of this journey, thankfully.  I still face some minor heart issues, but I have faith that they can be managed now and that they are less of a threat than what I dealt with weekly, and sometimes daily, before the last surgery.

During my time away from computer, I also learned how to ‘just be’ again.  As silly as that sounds, the previous four and a half years were filled with me using any and all waking hours away from work writing on my laptop.  I had honestly forgotten how to relax and simply enjoy an outing to the store with Will, or how to sit and read someone else’s novel without feeling guilty.  You see, when I’m writing, reading another’s story is definitely off-limits because I don’t want to be influenced by another writer’s voice.  Thus, during my hiatus, I actually allowed myself to recline on the sofa and read, an activity which has always brought me great pleasure.

Now, though, I am much stronger physically, and I feel well-rested, both emotionally and spiritually.  I feel less drained, and I know the time to be creative has returned.  Alex and all her loved ones have been running through my imagination rampantly of late, and I am ready to complete her final two novels.

My goal is to finish writing Book 9 by Christmas of this this year.  That will leave me with the month of January and the beginning of February to complete the necessary editing each novel requires, and then place the book in your hands by late February/ early March.  I’ll then be writing Book 10, and I hope to have that out by Christmas of next year, thus ending the story I had originally envisioned for Alexandria.  Yes, I do plan to eventually write a novel focusing on Ahadi and one for Than, as I’ve mentioned before, but we’ll see what the future brings for their release dates.  Gotta write their stories first! 😊

As always, thank you to those who prayed for me and who reached out, even when I was far away from my computer and not checking any emails or social media.  Now that I’m wading back into those waters, your messages mean so much.  I knew, though, that your prayers were offered because I have felt buoyed and carried throughout this entire heart journey, which has stretched over several years now until things finally came to a head.  Know also that I will be checking in through email, the website, and through Facebook once more, so I’ll be able to respond now to questions or comments.

Thank you, again, friends, both near and far.  I look forward to placing the last bits of Alexandria’s tale into your hands and, hopefully, in your hearts, as well.

Be well, and God Bless!


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12 responses to “Health Update & Thank You!

  1. You have been in my thoughts often of late and I am pleased to read your good news.

    • Deb Atkinson

      Dear Natalie
      Just wanting to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and new year, hope you are better now and well rested, Any more news on your writing, have you been able to to put pen to paper?
      Wishing you well
      Kind regards
      Deb x

  2. Eileen Healy

    Thank you for the update. Your health is always most important. Prayers will continue and the new books very welcome .

  3. Thank God for your recovery! It is so good to hear you are ready to write again and use the wonder gift that God has given you.

  4. Praise God in every way on every point! Such exciting news, Natalie! 💙🙏🏻❣️👏🏻

  5. Diana Charbonneau

    Thank you for your update! Praising God over your health improving! May He continue to bless you and your family.

  6. Jea. Cook

    Yay, I’m so happy to see this 😀😀Can’t wat to see what is happening in this next book!! Thanks for the update!!

  7. Rhonda Lane

    The best books I have ever read. I read them twice as I didn’t want to read my Grisham or Sparks awaiting me. I wanted more. Can’t wait till number nine is ready. Meanwhile reading Sparks and Grisham. Wonderful news about your health.

  8. V Ramasamy

    Take care of your health. Happy to know that your book is ready.

  9. Francine walker

    Enjoyed reading all the books. Praying you are well and the writing is going well.

  10. Steven Goldfarb

    Selfish of me to so want to read your next book and not consider the human being writing and creating all of this beauty.
    I fell in love with your story and do pray you get well quickly, as I know you will.
    To write the beautiful books that you have, you must be filled with faith and if it falters, know that many are praying for you with unlimited faith and love.

    My prayers will begin this evening for you and won’t stop until you’re well and strong.
    Welcome to 2019 with the deepest of faith and power.


  11. Debbie Mason

    Wow just finished book 8 and then went to your website to see if there would be more books on Alex. Did not realize the personal struggles you were induring. May God bless you with continued healing and good health!

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