I have mentioned before that there was one song that initially caused me to envision a pivotal scene which inspired the Children of Angels series.  That piece of music was ONE FAMILY composed by Mark Mancina.  I heard it on the soundtrack for the Disney movie Tarzan.  In this particular piece, there is a point at which there is a tempo change that sparked my imagination of Alexandria stepping back into Elysium.  The link below will lead to a PDF list of the songs that I listened to and which inspired me as I wrote certain scenes in the novels. I have also included the list as a series of images for in-line viewing.

.Song ListSong List-page-001Song List-page-002Song List-page-003

6 responses to “Inspiration

  1. Kay Akridge

    Natalie, I’ve read all 5 books about 4 times each and I’m anxious for a new one. When will Volume 6 be ready? Hurry!

    • You have no idea how you have just made my day! Book 6 should be released on September 1st. I hope to have it on presale in the next few weeks. Know that there is more to come as I’m writing the 9th book in the series now. Thank you for loving my characters.

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  3. Karen

    I loved all six books and just have to know when book seven will be done. I am now reading all six again so I don’t go through complete withdrawal😀

  4. I hope to have the 7th book out by early Spring. Thank you for your love and support.

  5. Jerree Infante

    I am on Book 4 and want you to know that God has richly blessed me through your books. I am a great grandmother and was in need of a deeper walk with the Lord and am now experiencing that walk. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to Him as you write, encourage, and restore hope. God Bless.

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