Children of Angels – Book #7 Is LIVE!

I am so very excited to announce that The Choice To Overcomethe seventh book in the Children of Angels series is now live and available on all e-book platforms.  I hope you will enjoy reading about all of your favorite characters as well as some new ones.  I look forward to your feedback.  Happy Reading!

Click HERE for the BOOKS page where you’ll find direct links to Amazon and other fine e-book retailers. If you haven’t yet begun the series, you can get the first e-book for FREE on this page.


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6 responses to “Children of Angels – Book #7 Is LIVE!

  1. Thank you Natalite, I have been waiting for this announcement and can’t wait to start reading. May you never stop writing these wonderful stories for as long as you enjoy doing it!!

  2. Kelly Rickman

    I cannot wait for book 8!!!! I love this series and have read all 7 books several times already!

  3. Thank you both for loving my characters and stories. I have not yet pinpointed a release date, but aim to have book 8 out this Fall.

  4. Barkley

    I’m ready for book 8!

  5. Virginia Armstrong

    You are the best author ever. I have read all your books. Looking forward to book 8. I got my cousin hooked as well. So delighted you are using your talent that God blessed you with. When will we be blessed with book #8?4

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