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Doctor Who Christmas

For those who don’t know me well, I am a big fan of the BBC show Doctor Who.
Will decided to make this a VERY Doctor Who Christmas.


The center image is from a Doctor Who 50th anniversary t-shirt. Around the outside are images of a license plate frame (My Other Car Is A Tardis), a Tardis Christmas Ornament, a Tardis lunchbox kit including coasters and an insulated cup and a Tardis beach towel. I love them all!

Please remember the currently reduced prices on my ebooks. They are good until the end of the year. If you got a new e-book reader or tablet, you can read the entire currently released IMMORTAL REBORN trilogy in my CHILDREN OF ANGELS series for under $4.00. Don’t miss out! And remember, if you’ve previously purchased a print copy from Amazon, you can get the e-book for free right now as well. I’m currently working to get Book #4 (my problem child) ready for you and once it is out, Books #5-#8 are already waiting.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Holiday Pricing Update

Hooray!!! My holiday e-book pricing has made it to the other (non-kindle) retailers.  Now NOOK, SONY, KOBO and other e-book retailers have the IMMORTAL REBORN trilogy marked down for the holidays.  You can get the whole trilogy for under $4.00!

Click HERE for direct purchase links.

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Book Bargains: Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I would like to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. I have been busy writing and not posting much here, but as my holiday gift to you, I have reduced the price of ALL 3 e-books in my IMMORTAL REBORN trilogy. Starting today you can get all 3 e-books from Amazon for less than $4 total. E-books for other readers are available for the same reduced price from SmashWords now and I hope the price drop will trickle down to the other e-book retailers soon. I plan to leave the prices reduced through the holiday season, so if you get an e-reader for Christmas, you can take advantage of this discount then. See the BOOKS tab above for direct links. One other bit of good news, through the Amazon Matchbook program, if you have purchased a print copy of any of my books from Amazon, you are now entitled to a FREE copy of the e-book during this sale period.

Remember that you can read my books without a Kindle or other e-reader if you have a computer, or smartphone using one of the e-reader programs or apps.

I recently finished the initial write of book 8 in the CHILDREN OF ANGELS series, and have now returned to do a full edit/rewrite of book 4 to make it the best possible read for you. Stay tuned for more details to come.

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