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Doctor Who Christmas

For those who don’t know me well, I am a big fan of the BBC show Doctor Who.
Will decided to make this a VERY Doctor Who Christmas.


The center image is from a Doctor Who 50th anniversary t-shirt. Around the outside are images of a license plate frame (My Other Car Is A Tardis), a Tardis Christmas Ornament, a Tardis lunchbox kit including coasters and an insulated cup and a Tardis beach towel. I love them all!

Please remember the currently reduced prices on my ebooks. They are good until the end of the year. If you got a new e-book reader or tablet, you can read the entire currently released IMMORTAL REBORN trilogy in my CHILDREN OF ANGELS series for under $4.00. Don’t miss out! And remember, if you’ve previously purchased a print copy from Amazon, you can get the e-book for free right now as well. I’m currently working to get Book #4 (my problem child) ready for you and once it is out, Books #5-#8 are already waiting.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Another Touching Ad

This one had me really choked up when Will showed it to me yesterday.  Very worth 3 minutes of your time.  Angels, it seems, come in many forms…

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5 STARS for Arianna’s Choice #CR4U

I think I will always have a hard time reading reviews.  Even though my books have been quite well received and reviewed, reading reviews still makes me so nervous.  I have such an emotional connection to my characters that I hope they will be met with the same love and grace that I attempted to write them with.  Today, my first book received a wonderful review.  I just had to share it with everyone.  Click here for the Amazon review.  If you haven’t read Immortal Reborn – Arianna’s Choice yet, I hope you will find this review a motivator to give it a try.

Once again, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has read, rated, reviewed or just commented verbally your support.  I hope you will keep reading because I can’t stop writing.

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Summer Is Here (For Me At Least)

I know summer doesn’t officially start for another 3 weeks, but as far as my ‘day job’, IT IS NOW SUMMER for me.  This is good news for you and me.  Summer is when I can be most productive in my writing.  I’m currently in the middle of the 7th book in my Children Of Angels series.  This also means I will have time to return and begin to edit the 4th book.  I learned with book 3 not to set deadlines for myself, but I hope I will get the yet to be formally named 4th book completed and released for you by late summer or early fall.  Hang in there, readers!

Now back to writing…

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Amazon Lowers Prices On ALL 3 Of My Print Books

I don’t know how long it will last, but I just noticed today that Amazon has lowered the price on my first two books by 10% and the third by over 25%.  If you’ve been wanting to get any of my books in print, now is a great time.

Also, don’t forget that I’ve lowered the prices on my e-books.  Book 1 is just 99¢ for a limited time, book 2 is only $2.99 and book 3 is now just $4.99


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I would love to introduce my characters to you!

With the long holiday weekend coming up, do you have something to read?  Please consider trying the first book in my IMMORTAL REBORN trilogy.  Most ebook retailers now have ARIANNA’S CHOICE at the temporarily reduced price of 99 cents.  Links can be found under the BOOKS tab above.  Looking forward to hearing from some of you! 😉

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WIN 3 BOOKS – TRILOGY GIVEAWAY! Spread the Word, Share, ReTweet

How would you like to WIN a complete set of the IMMORTAL REBORN trilogy?  To celebrate the release of Book 3,

    Choices of the Heart

I am holding a giveaway on Goodreads.  The winner will get a signed copy of Book 3 AND ALSO signed copies of Book2 1 & 2.  Yes, you read that right.  ALL 3 Books for one LUCKY winner.  If you’re not a Goodreads member, please do sign up  and enter the drawing.  Even if you already own my books, please do consider entering the giveaway.  While you’re at goodreads, please consider adding a rating or review of one or all of my books.  GOOD LUCK!

Book Giveaway

Immortal Reborn - Choices of the Heart by Natalie D. Wilson

Immortal Reborn – Choices of the Heart

by Natalie D. Wilson

Giveaway ends April 21, 2013.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

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More To Come

Whew, I’m so glad to have finished editing for a while.  Getting Book 3 ready for print took so much of my time that I’m in in a serious deficit for good creative writing time.  My beta readers are currently proofing Book 4 but I think due to the way that book began it’s life it will take more editing than did Book 3, so for now I’m doing research for Book 6 which I’m currently in the middle of.  Yes, Book 5 is pretty much written.  There is more to come, dear friends.


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A Pre-Announcement about Book 3

We have submitted the final edits for Book 3, IMMORTAL REBORN – CHOICES OF THE HEART.  All that is left is to wait for the files to be approved and the third book in the CHILDREN OF ANGELS series will be available in print.  Soon after that, we will start working on getting it into e-book format for those of you who prefer that.  I expect to announce both within the next 24 hours or so.

One thing I’d like to mention is that the price for Book 3 ($23.95) is significantly higher than it was for the first two books simply because it is almost twice as long and I couldn’t have priced it lower if I had wanted to.  I hope you will find it worth the cost when you read it.  I do have a little more leeway with the e-book format and so since I’ve marked the first two down in most e-book channels to just $2.99, I will start book 3 out at $5.99.  I hope that this pricing structure will make the price attractive to a larger audience than if I had kept with the original pricing on the first two.  My goal is to get my books out to as many people as possible!

Thanks to everyone for the words of support and encouragement during the last few weeks as I tried to painstakingly proof and edit Book 3.  It has been a massive undertaking.  Also, know that while this book completes the original trilogy that I had envisioned, your support and feedback have helped to spur me on to write more books about these characters.  The arc of the first 3 books can stand alone, but for those who want more, I will be working to bring you at least 4 more books in the series.  Please do spread the word about the books as your word of mouth and reviews (both written and verbal) are all the advertisement I have at this time.

Thank you again for all the prayer and well-wishes that helped me get through the daunting editing process for this near 800 page novel.  Happy reading my friends!

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Immortal Reborn – Choices of the Heart

After many late nights proofreading and editing, the proof copy of Book 3 in the Children of Angels series is on order.  Just a little while longer, I hope, and I can make it available to you.  Just to whet your appetite here is the back of the book blurb:

Sometimes, the right choices are the most difficult to navigate.  For Alexandria, coming to terms with the immortal life she has agreed to embrace, while still holding on to herself, will call on all the internal and physical strength she has.  Though her angelic father, Ganymede, intends for her to ease into the new body and life that has been created for her, his Fallen brother, Rangor, has other plans.  And Alex has plans for Kronis as well.  Plans that call for him to have one last chance to turn away from the life of sin and hate that his father cultivated in him for millennia.

In a bid for peace, and in the hope to keep Alexandria alive, the Nephilim of the Light will have to charge ahead on a quest to find Kronis, before he and his father come for Alex again.  And through the great struggles and battles to come, Alex must also decide to whom she will give her heart: Gaius or Jackson.  Both so dear and precious to her, yet only one can truly lay claim to her heart as her husband.  She will search her very soul to discover the one whom it cries out for, amidst the great danger swirling around all those she loves.

Join Alexandria and her loved ones in this breathtaking third volume in the Children of Angels series: Immortal Reborn: Choices of the Heart

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