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adb_badgeIf you are familiar with one of my favorite sites imdb.com you know that it has all kinds of details about movies and tv shows.  Well, there is also an authorsdb.com that has all kinds of information about authors.  It’s almost like a one-stop shop for author details.  My listing has recently been approved, so click the image above and check it out.   You may find something else you like there as you browse all the other authors listings available.

I’m back at work now, so the editing is not going as fast as it did during the summer, but I’m making good progress with Book 4 so stay tuned for details.  Thanks again to everyone who has been so supportive  for your positive reviews and feedback.  If you haven’t written a review or left a rating, please consider doing so.  I would appreciate it VERY MUCH.



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Spring Break?

I know for many of you, a welcome and well-deserved spring break is right around the corner.  If you don’t have something good to read, why not pick up e-book (or print) copies of my books and take them with you (or just enjoy them at home!).  Many people commented about the positive message at Christmas, but it would be equally appropriate for the Easter season as well.

Don’t forget to tell all your friends what you’re reading too.  😉  Thanks for sharing the love!

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WIN 3 BOOKS – TRILOGY GIVEAWAY! Spread the Word, Share, ReTweet

How would you like to WIN a complete set of the IMMORTAL REBORN trilogy?  To celebrate the release of Book 3,

    Choices of the Heart

I am holding a giveaway on Goodreads.  The winner will get a signed copy of Book 3 AND ALSO signed copies of Book2 1 & 2.  Yes, you read that right.  ALL 3 Books for one LUCKY winner.  If you’re not a Goodreads member, please do sign up  and enter the drawing.  Even if you already own my books, please do consider entering the giveaway.  While you’re at goodreads, please consider adding a rating or review of one or all of my books.  GOOD LUCK!

Book Giveaway

Immortal Reborn - Choices of the Heart by Natalie D. Wilson

Immortal Reborn – Choices of the Heart

by Natalie D. Wilson

Giveaway ends April 21, 2013.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

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Sharing The Love and Passion For Books

An episode of The Means Report from earlier this month on WJBF about Saturday’s Augusta Literary Festival. Hope to see you there!


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Chronicle Report on Augusta Literary Festival

Find out more about the Augusta Literary Festival in this article:


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100 Authors

Did you know that there will be 100 authors at the Augusta Literary Festival?  Don’t forget to come out and see me and the other 99 authors who will be attending.  Mark your calendars!  I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and fans as well as meeting new ones on Saturday, March 2nd.  See you there!


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Augusta Literary Festival

auglitfestDon’t forget to mark your calendars for Saturday March 2nd.  Please come out and see me at the Augusta Literary Festival.  Click Here for more information.

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