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More To Come

Whew, I’m so glad to have finished editing for a while.  Getting Book 3 ready for print took so much of my time that I’m in in a serious deficit for good creative writing time.  My beta readers are currently proofing Book 4 but I think due to the way that book began it’s life it will take more editing than did Book 3, so for now I’m doing research for Book 6 which I’m currently in the middle of.  Yes, Book 5 is pretty much written.  There is more to come, dear friends.


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A Pre-Announcement about Book 3

We have submitted the final edits for Book 3, IMMORTAL REBORN – CHOICES OF THE HEART.  All that is left is to wait for the files to be approved and the third book in the CHILDREN OF ANGELS series will be available in print.  Soon after that, we will start working on getting it into e-book format for those of you who prefer that.  I expect to announce both within the next 24 hours or so.

One thing I’d like to mention is that the price for Book 3 ($23.95) is significantly higher than it was for the first two books simply because it is almost twice as long and I couldn’t have priced it lower if I had wanted to.  I hope you will find it worth the cost when you read it.  I do have a little more leeway with the e-book format and so since I’ve marked the first two down in most e-book channels to just $2.99, I will start book 3 out at $5.99.  I hope that this pricing structure will make the price attractive to a larger audience than if I had kept with the original pricing on the first two.  My goal is to get my books out to as many people as possible!

Thanks to everyone for the words of support and encouragement during the last few weeks as I tried to painstakingly proof and edit Book 3.  It has been a massive undertaking.  Also, know that while this book completes the original trilogy that I had envisioned, your support and feedback have helped to spur me on to write more books about these characters.  The arc of the first 3 books can stand alone, but for those who want more, I will be working to bring you at least 4 more books in the series.  Please do spread the word about the books as your word of mouth and reviews (both written and verbal) are all the advertisement I have at this time.

Thank you again for all the prayer and well-wishes that helped me get through the daunting editing process for this near 800 page novel.  Happy reading my friends!

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