Positive Feedback

I don’t necessarily expect all of my feedback or reviews to be positive.  I know that what I’m writing may not appeal to everyone, but it’s always good for my morale to get the kind of verbal feedback I’ve gotten from several of my readers in the past couple of weeks.  Thank you all so much for that.  Please continue to, or consider beginning to, share my books with your friends, family and acquaintances.  I also appreciate any and all reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, Barnes & Noble, etc.  Even if you don’t wish to write a formal review, just giving a star rating is appreciated.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing spring break.  For me, relaxing means more than getting some rest and being away from my day job for a while.  It also means time to WRITE!  Writing while I’m working is a lot like having a second job except the writing has to take the back seat to pretty much everything else.  When I have time off, I get to write to my heart’s content.  I hope to get a good bit more of book 6 written as well as maybe some editing of book 4 done this week.  I know some of you are already anxious for book 4, but I fear I have a good bit of editing to do there and I learned not to make any promises about release dates with book 3.  I trust that your patience will be rewarded with a better book, even though it may take me some time to get it out.

While it is true the first 3 books do stand alone, I see more to Alex’s journey, thus the upcoming novels book 4, 5 & 6.  I also have a vision for the last scene of book 7, so there will be at least that many.  Hopefully this won’t be a spoiler, but I can give you a hint about what I’m writing now.  Alex learns that sometimes the past has great bearing on the present and the future and readers will see a little more of the past as we step back in time.  More details of Kronis before he came in contact with Arianna the first time will be revealed.

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