Book 1 Now Available from SmashWords

If you are not a Kindle owner, but own another e-reader (Nook, Kobo, Sony, etc.) …you are in luck.  Book 1 is now available on SmashWords.  This is the first step in having it available in the native store for most other electronic formats.  If you have a SmashWords account, or wish to set one up, you can be among the first to get IMMORTAL REBORN – ARIANNA’S CHOICE in a format that works with your e-reader.  If you’d prefer to wait a short while longer, you will SOON be able to get it from the e-store of your choice.   I’m waiting to see how the whole process works with Book 1, but Book 2 will soon follow and I hope to have Book 3 up for these other e-readers almost as soon as it is released for Kindle.

Click here to go to the SmashWords page.


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5 responses to “Book 1 Now Available from SmashWords

  1. pattersonty

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    People, buy the book. put your money where your mouth is!

  2. I’m also working on a three book project using Smashwords and Amazon. Thanks for sharing your journey. I just got approved for premium distribution through Smashwords, so I hope to have my book Dark Facade available for distribution in other ereading bookstores soon. I’m predicting two weeks is the longest it’ll take. (Crossing fingers on no glitches happening).

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