Rohan’s Choice, Children of Angels Book 5: Available in Print NOW!

I know many of you have pre-ordered the e-book version of Rohan’s Choice, and I thank you all for that!  I don’t have an easy way to offer pre-orders for print books.  I do, however, have a bit of control over when the print version is available for purchase and so to try to get the print version out to non e-readers in a timely manner, I have released the print version for sale on Amazon.  Unfortunately it will probably take a couple more days at least to show up on other retailers, but starting now you may place your order on  If Amazon isn’t showing it to you as yet, check the Books page for the link.  As always, you may purchase the print version directly from my Createspace e-store link and apply the 25% discount code shown on the Books page [ use code: N84C9T9L].  This will help offset shipping charges that you may incur unless you’re an Amazon Prime member and/or place enough of an order to otherwise get free shipping.

E-book pre-orders should go out on schedule (I hope) on February 1st.  Thanks again to everyone for your support.  I appreciate any feedback, star ratings and/or reviews on ALL 5 books.

Happy Reading!


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