Lendle – Another New Idea

I have joined Lendle.  It’s a way for people who have Kindle books to lend to connect with people who want to borrow books.  I have listed IMMORTAL REBORN – ARIANNA’S CHOICE as being available to lend.  If you’d like to try (and you have a Kindle, or Kindle app) you just have to sign up for Lendle and borrow it.  Even though I’m the author, I technically only ‘own’ one copy so I can only loan it to one person at a time.  First come – first served.  It might be a good way to introduce someone to my books without you having to join Amazon Prime, or buy the first book.  If you or someone you know hasn’t read Book 1 yet, give it a try.

To make it easier to find me, my Lendle profile is at:  http://lendle.me/users/nataliedwilson/

Update:  If I understand what I’m reading…it looks like I may only be able to loan the book once, if that’s the case, this will be a First come – only served deal, but hey … it’s still cool to learn about this service.

Update 2:  It appears that there are other copies of Book 1 available for borrowing on Lendle.  Some other readers have also put it up as available.  Very Cool!

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