Two New Website Features

I have added two new features to the website that I hope fans of the Children of Angels series will appreciate and enjoy.

The first is a simple chart displaying the Children of the Light and each of their angelic fathers which comprise the Council of Light.  This is first mentioned in book 6 (coming soon!) but it will help you to get a better handle on who’s who concerning many of the key characters.  Find it here: Council of Light

The second is a listing of many of the songs that inspired me as I wrote certain scenes in the series from books 1 through 5.  I hope you will enjoy seeing and maybe hearing some of these songs.  Find it here: Song List

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  1. Kathie Hutter

    I love your books ! ! They give me hope in this time of political darkness. I read all 8 of your books and give thanks for each one of them. The lessons in each have been needed by me as I near the end of my life’s journey. Thank you so much for the time and effort in writing them. Respectfully, Kathie

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