Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my friends and readers. I hope this holiday season has been one of peace and joy for all of you. I am recovering well from my recent surgery and thank everyone for continued prayers. I also want to wish everyone a safe and happy new year.



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2 responses to “Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas Natalie, I am so happy to hear you’re recovering well from your surgery!! You have such a beautiful heart to write the wonderful books and I know you’re about ready to release #8 but know this, your health is most important and we can wait a bit if need be. We are all a bit selfish I think because we love your characters so much…I pray that you will write about them for many years to come. I wish you a Happy New Year as well, God Bless.

  2. Dear Natalie I am so happy to hear you’re doing well after surgery. You have such a beautiful heart and it shines in your characters and stories. I pray that you have many more years to write if that is your desire. I know you will always have this lady for a fan. I pray that you have a wonderful New Year. We are patiently waiting for #8….sometimes waiting does us good. God Bless.

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