Clean Indie Reads Keeps Growing #CR4U

I recently posted about Clean Indie Reads.  The group and page is growing and ‘we’ now have a logo. CIR   This is such a supportive group.  I just wanted to highlight them again.  Click the logo to visit the website.  Please tell your friends about CIR and my books.  The direct link to my CIR page is: What are people saying about CIR? “Oh my gosh! Best idea ever! My friends and I are always looking for books to read that we don’t have to skip whole chapters or pages or just put down altogether.” “I love the ethos of your site. I hope your site goes from strength to strength, it certainly deserves to.” “I love this idea. It’s just what we “squeeky” clean writers and readers alike need. A place where you know exactly what you’re getting and you won’t get a shock 10 “pages into your newest purchase.”


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2 responses to “Clean Indie Reads Keeps Growing #CR4U

  1. Now if I can just figure out how to put the logo on my blog………

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