It’s Official

You may now purchase my first book in both print and electronic formats.

Immortal Reborn – Arianna’s Choice, the first of the Children of Angels series, is officially available.

Please see the BOOKS tab for links to all current ways to purchase.  For now it’s only available in print and on Kindle.

For those who may wonder, I get paid a little more with the e-store, but it doesn’t offer you all the benefits of (you may already have an Amazon account, or may have better/free shipping rates that way).  By all means use whichever option you prefer.  I’m just happy to get the book in your hands!  (For those in other countries, just search the Amazon site you use for “Natalie Wilson Immortal”.  It should pop right up.)

Also, many of you have indicated that you wish to have an autographed copy.  I will be glad to autograph your copy, no matter how you order.

I hope you ALL enjoy reading the story as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you.

Until next post,


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